The circle of life

Hello again! I only have a few more weeks here in Kenya so I want to update you on the latest. A few days ago, we delivered a sweet little baby boy at the clinic. Even though  I did not get to name the newborn this time, it was wonderul just to be a part of the delivery process again. But what was really quite incredible was handing the little boy off to the grandmother and seeing her face beam with joy and hearing her praise the Lord for His blessings!

That’s not all the excitement we have had at the clinic… A few days ago, the clinic receptionist came back from matenity leave. On the morning before she was to return, I got wind of some exciting news… We were going to have chicken for lunch!!! In honor of our receptionist returning!  Leah, the women who was preparing the chicken did not want to kill it, so she called the Doctor, James over. The process was intricate and lengthy, but very worth it according to those who partook in the delicacy. The pictures I have attached are slightly graphic, but very  interesting if you have never seen the way the locals prepare their lunch. Or if you are a vegetarian, like me!


Below is a video of James explaining which part of the chicken is given to which family member. (Thighs to the men, shoulder to the women, and legs, intestines, and head to the children) Pardon the cow bells!  🙂

Well that is all for now! It’s Friday night here, and I just spoke to my mom on the phone! My aunt Linda, a friend, and my mom all arrived in Nairobi this afternoon, and will be arriving into camp tomorrow! Exciting things to come! 🙂

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