Education day

Hi there! It’s me again! I want to tell you about my day in Lolgorian, a town about 30 minutes from camp. My story really starts out about a week ago when the Principal of the Oloosinon Primary School (the school right next to the clinic) asked me if I would like to join the school on their Education day. The conversation went something like this…

Nelson –  “Hey Krista, would you like to join us for Education Day?

Krista –  ” I would love to!!!”

Nelson –  “Oh perfect. Now we will roll in with style!”

After that sweet conversation, we made arrangements for the big day. I was pretty excited about the events to come so when the day came, I headed to the school.  When I got there, there were 30 little African faces peering out of a school bus very excited to see that a mzungu (white person) would be joining them! I climbed on the bus and we were off!  About 2 minutes into our drive, one brave child bursts out into song… and within seconds, all the children on the bus were singing their hearts out! the drive went by so quickly, and before I knew it, we had arrived.

When we first arrived, the host school was not quite prepared, so the teachers whisked me away to find some chai and Maandazi (fried sweet dough). While I was drinking my chai and dipping pieces of Maandazi into the chai, I saw one of the teachers looking at me, puzzled.  He said, “Here we do not dip, we bite”. And then, he took a huge bit of the maandazi cake and an equally  big swig of chai and then smiled.

Once we had all finished our sweet treats, we headed to the counter to pay. As I walked up, I was thinking how delicious everything was and I was just so content. Not a worry in the world as to what I had just eaten.  Then I saw this cupboard… I have never seen sweet treats jammed into a window like these were. And there was some kind of gooey condensation on the inside of the glass… I wondered what that could be from, and then… I just decided  not wonder too hard!

From there, I met up with the children, and they led me all around town. The locals gave us a tour of the gold gathering area. We saw workers smashing rocks, taking rocks to the “crasher” and then washing out the dirt with mercury to attract the gold. The process was lengthy, and I can’t imagine how hard the people have to work to produce even a small amount of gold.  It was interesting to see the process, but a little sad as well. After the tour, we went to the supermarket for some real fun. I followed the kids right through the supermarket and up the stairs to where the building was under construction. The children were all scared of the height and bats that flew around. They kept asking me, “Do you fear do you fear?”  Surprisingly, none of the kids got hurt diving away from the bats!

SONY DSCBy this time, lunch was being served at the school. After we ate, the ceremony began! It started with the raising of the Kenyan flag and prayer. Then came the entertainment! The children danced, and recited poetry and even marched around in unison.

Here is a video of one of the star performances!

The day was not over, in fact the ceremony had just begun! After all the entertainment, we had about 3 hours of speeches from a few guests. Once the speeches had been delivered, they started the awards. They presented teachers with tea flasks, blankets, clay mugs, and even livestock! They hooted and howled and it was such a joyous occasion. Even though I couldn’t understand the speeches and most of what was going on, I felt happy inside, and couldn’t help having a smile on my face the whole time.

SONY DSCWe mingled a bit after the awards were given, and during that time, a teacher from another school came up to greet Nelson and I. He asked Nelson if I was a part of the Oloosinon Primary School and Nelson proudly answered that I was. The teacher paused for a brief moment and then said, “Oh, I have got to get someone like you to be a part of our school”.  Are you starting to see why it feels good to be with these people and why I love them so much? They think I bring style to the group!!! 🙂

Anyways, by the time the awards were given out, it was 7 p.m. and getting dark fast. So all the kids loaded up, and we headed home. All the children are now on “Holiday” and will not be back in school until May 5th! It was quite sad to say goodbye, but they wished me a “nice Holiday” in their sweet little voices and I couldn’t help but smile!

I’ve had such a good time getting to know the children and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend this time with them.


Smile today! Because this little guys is    smiling right at YOU!  🙂 🙂 🙂

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