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  1. Kindel Devoir

    Hey Krista – I’m so excited that you’ll be on your way tomorrow! I’d like to subscribe to your blog but I didn’t see that option listed. Did I miss it?

    1. kristaRN Post author

      Hey Kindel! I don’t think you have to subscribe, you can follow it by just typing In kristarn.com! I’m not sure about everything on this site yet so we may have both missed it! 🙂 can you see my first and only post?

  2. Barbara Bolton

    We’ll be praying for you Krista and waiting to see pictures and hear about all your amazing adventures! God bless!

    The Bolton Bunch

  3. Diana

    I was so excited to read your updates! I’m so proud of you for being so brave and letting God use you like this. I love that ur documenting all this 😀 i’m praying for you and cant wait to hear more!!

    Be safe Stinky!

  4. Liza

    Great update! Thankful for your challenges; even though He says we’ll have them, we all keep praying we won’t. How would we grow? “Sometimes God will let you be in a situation that only He can fix so that you will discover that He is the One who can fix it. #Trust He’s got you.” Tony Evans
    Love you, enjoy each day. Don’t forget why you’re here….Be strong in the Lord.
    Love The Johnson’s

  5. Steph G

    We’re SO proud of you, Krista! The airport alone would’ve done me in! Went to see my sister in NC last July…good thing Jaimie was with me, ‘cuz I would’ve wound up on ArabAir!LOL Praying for the rest of your trip to be as AWESOME as the first part! xoS.


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