Babies need a little extra love.

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Cradle of Love Baby Home

After leaving the village of Chome, we all went our separate ways. Some went to the airport to go home, some went onto a safari, and I came to the Cradle of Love baby home. As soon as I got my things settled in, I went to help put the babies to sleep. One of the babies didn’t want to go to sleep so I just rocked her in my arms until she got sleepy, then I laid her in her crib. Peaceful silence as I walked away, and then… brutal screaming! Regardless of that, I fell in love with these babies the minute I laid eyes on them! They are all smiles (most of the time), and they don’t hesitate to send you a grin. I am attaching pictures so that you too may see the beauty they have. But be careful, your heart WILL melt.

SONY DSCNow let me tell you a little about Cradle of Love baby home. Their mission is to provide love, care, and nutrition for babies that have been abandoned. They also provide care for babies that they know will not receive adequate nutrition at home. They generally care for these young ones for a couple of years until either the child gets adopted, or the child can go back to their home. Some of these children were born to very poor homes. Their parents couldn’t afford to feed them expensive formula. That’s where Cradle of Love steps in. They nurture the children until the children can tolerate solid foods, go potty on their own, and be able to feed themselves. This way, when the child goes back home they are not as dependent on their parents and they’re able to survive at home. Many times the children that get sent back home also need a sponsor to provide nutritious food so that the child can become strong, healthy and educated. Now that is the ideal situation, but many of these babies lost their mothers to HIV or complications of childbirth, or were abandoned. So they have no chance at living back at home. When the family is not in the picture, Cradle of Love looks into adoption for those children.

Since I have been here in Africa, I have already had people reach out to me and ask how they can help. I am going to talk to one of the directors here at Cradle of Love and find out exactly what their needs are. This organization is doing incredible things for these children. They are truly changing the future of every single little one here!

Below is the link to their website if you are interested in reading more about them.

There will be posts to follow about how you can help and I also have an incredible story about how God touched a little girl named Rachel. So make sure you come back to read her story! 🙂

I am Rachel, and God has blessed me!

I am Rachel, and I want to tell you how God has blessed me!


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