About Me

Hurray! I'm a Registered Nurse!

Hurray! I’m a Registered Nurse!

My name is Krista Medina, and I am a newly graduated nurse! I decided to go as a student missionary while I was still in nursing school. It was something to dream and pray about while I was struggling through school. The idea of using my nursing knowledge and skills abroad to help those in need gave me encouragement to push through the most challenging of times. God presented Himself to me in numerous ways over the years, so once I could officially call myself a registered nurse, I knew it was all thanks to Him!

Tomorrow, January 21st, I will be leaving everything that is familiar to me, and going out to the unknown. I know my faith will be strengthened and that the good times will far outweigh the bad!

Wait, is this my “about me” page? ok… Things I love: laughter, nursing, gymnastics, scrapbooking, cooking, traveling, camping, of course my friends and family! Another fact. I am not much of a writer, so this blog might make you laugh or cringe if you are a spelling/grammar stickler.

One more thing I have to tell you. I serve an Incredible God! He is not only all powerful and all present, but He is all there is to Life! I encourage you to reach out to Him and allow Him to show you how much He cares and loves YOU! He will not disappoint.